4 Mistakes To Avoid When Marketing On Instagram

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Marketing On Instagram

Growing a brand and building its credibility on Instagram takes some hard work that needs to be done. And to avoid ruining the hard work with mistakes that are just thought to have positive results you need to know what mistakes were summed up by experts and what are the alternatives of them.

Since right now nearly every digital marketer and influencer already knows that buying fake followers and likes on Instagram isn’t a good thing to do, it is a good chance to hear this tip and start at what is further.

Not defining goals consistently 

Defining goals is essential in every marketing practice and that includes Instagram. Running the Instagram account to not miss the chance of being available there isn’t just enough as the platform has many opportunities you can be taking advantage of. 

Setting goals is the very first step before getting to work and it will make efforts consolidate into results. 

The goals you should set for your Instagram marketing strategy should be at least some points that are targeted with the images you are publishing on the platform. Some of the questions l that need to be answered include: 

  • How many followers I am targeting to have? 
  • Am I planning to increase my website visits through Instagram? And how? 
  • How am I making my content make sales for my products or services? 
  • Do I need crossovers with other brands or pages on Instagram for better results? 

Using hashtags randomly 

A few years back Instagram allowed its users to use as many hashtags as they can in their posts and we have seen posts with over fifty hashtags when it was allowed. 

Now even Instagram itself limits the number of hashtags you can add to a post which is a sign that you need to focus more on choosing hashtags and a sign that Instagram won’t like just more hashtags. 

Instagram even considers posting the same hashtags over and over as spam, which is something you would never want. 

Giving yourself time to choose the suitable hashtags for every post is the perfect way you can optimize your post hashtags. You can use available tools for hashtags ideas to keep them fresh and related to the post. 

Giving few attention to photo quality

It is not just about Instagram being a visual platform but also looks everywhere on the platform and you see everyone taking good photos with high resolution, so being behind the people you are marketing to is just something that is unacceptable and you can never post bad photos or low-resolution ones in any case. 

Giving some attention to details and even tips for better photos can help some overcome this. Other businesses may need new tools for capturing better photos and maybe investing more time in taking photos. Others may need a professional for doing the job and it all depends on what the business does.

Posting boring content 

Posting interesting content is essential, and you should put yourself in the place of your audience. You would never follow a boring page that keeps posting the same time of content. Surely, you will come at one point where you will just unfollow it and that is what will happen with you. 

You need to be creative even if it is from time to time to keep your audience engaged and to keep them wanting to see more. You can explore what other brands do for generating interesting ideas for social media and figure out the way you are doing it for yourself. 

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