Email Marketing

Requirements & Benefits:

Job Type:

Full Time

Job Category:
Career Level:


General Idea:

Responsible for creating and managing email marketing campaigns to promote a service. Determines target audience and launches email campaign to create buzz or generate leads for the business.


  • Write newsletters including all company updates
  • Design and implement direct email marketing campaigns
  • Ensure messages are mobile-friendly
  • Follow up on interested respondents
  • Develop a personalization strategy
  • Ensure messages are sent in proper form and template
  • Ensure marketing message is conveyed clearly and delivered properly to prospects


  • Hands on experience with HTML and content management systems
  • Proficiency in marketing automation technology
  • Excellent written communication and copywriting skills
  • An ability to work under tight deadlines
  • Strong project management skills
  • Ability to work within a team
  • Very Good in English
  • MS Office skills (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook)

General Instructions:

  • Commitment to specific work deadlines
  • Maintain and respect work confidentiality


  • Internal: Media Buyer – Graphic Designer
  • External: Agility Buyer Persona

Tools & Devices:

  • Laptop

Work hours:

  • According to the working hours approved by the company

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