How to Write SEO Friendly Content: The Basic Steps

How to Write SEO Friendly Content: The Basic Steps

Writing content is the most important part when it comes to publishing content that needs to rank higher on search engines. The competition is very high, and to rank higher you need to keep many things in mind while writing in order to achieve what is called SEO content or search engine optimized content which refers to content that is written to rank higher considering a number of rules, which we are going to discuss here.

Write original content 

Creating SEO content isn’t going to be far from creating excellent content. The first rule of writing excellent content that really matters to the readers is to write content that is original. This does not mean you are not going to read competitor’s articles but it only means you need to focus on using your own way and offering something useful. 

Focus on content readability

Writing readable content is one key for better user experience which is one of the most important things to focus on when optimizing content for search engines. 

Making your content as simple and organized as possible will make readers want to read and stay more on your page and they may also love your website and get you more organic traffic which is something you surely want whatever the type of content you publish. 

Invest more time in the title

You may write the title quickly and think that you would be better investing time in the content itself than wasting time on the title, and that is totally wrong because the title is more important than you would expect. 

A good title can do what all the content can’t do, and researcher believed that Google ranks articles based on the click they get by users which you can boost using a title that catches users to click and lets Google decide you deserve to be at a higher rank in the search results, and that is why investing more time in the title of the page or the article is always worth it. 

The meta description should also be well written and summing up what the articles offer and of course encouraging readers to proceed and choose you among the other results. 

Include useful links

It is not about just more links but just about really useful links. Think of the links as a part of the user experience and not part of your SEO strategy, and let the reader really benefit from the links you include whether they are internal to other content on your website or other pages outside of your website. 

Use all the tools you can

SEO tools out there can be very useful for you, and your competitors are probably using the enormous amounts of data provided by them to be ahead of you, so you don’t need to be in the back and you need to use them also. 

SEO tools can provide you with keywords and other useful information that can guide you to know what you specifically need to do and to estimate the competition you are going through with each article and have in head more ideas to write about for richer content that says what users are waiting to read.

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